THB Prime - Business Re-engineering package

Training programmes

We run a number of training programmes with you and your team to help you build a better business. These programmes include the following: Sales and marketing - how to generate sales leads and convert them into paying customers; Effective pricing - how to price more profitably; Systemising your business - how to systemise your business so it works better and without you having to be there; Customer service - a workshop for your entire team on how to keep customers for longer.

Core value, core purpose and vision statement

During the strategic planning day we'll look at the importance of core values, core purpose ('your reason why') and your vision statement.

During this re-engineering programme we will help you to finalise these three critical components of strategy and how to communicate them with: Your team so that everyone is 'on board' and pulling in the same direction; and your customers so they see you as being different and better.


As Michael Gerber says, "Most businesses don't work, it's the people who own them do." This is down to a lack of systems. It's why most business owners work too hard and have too few holidays... they need to be there every day to ensure the business is working. The solution is systems.

We show you how to create systems for your business, how to prioritise which systems to create first and then work with you to help you every step of the way throughout this re-engineering programme.